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AI Video Telematics Solution

The next level of accuracy in insurance telematics

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VuDrive cloud and dual-camera
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VuDrive is a complete aftermarket AI accident prevention solution for fleets, TSPs, and insurance companies. This dual-camera system assesses driver behavior, identifies risky drivers and alerts in cases of drowsiness, distraction, detecting seatbelt wearing and mobile phone usage.

It also provides a cloud-based fleet management platform for the fleet managers/insurers to monitor performance and identify dangerous behavior.

The cloud-based fleet management platform allows fleet managers to access comprehensive safety data analysis, including real-time driver alerts, video footage of both the cabin and road, and driver scoring.

This helps fleets identify and enhance driver safety, by providing information for post trip analysis, training and the prevention of future risks. In the event of a road incident, fleet managers and insurers will also have the necessary data to help exonerate drivers. It not only improves road safety, but also reduces vehicle downtime, lowers insurance costs, and ultimately protects the lives of drivers and pedestrians.

VuDrive offers a comprehensive solution that ensures safer driving habits and a more secure fleet operation. Elevate your insurance offerings with technology that not only saves costs but also lives.

Revolutionize Fleet Safety, Improve Loss Ratio
and Enhance Underwriting

The Challenge:

Rising accident rates and associated costs are putting pressure on fleet insurance premiums. Traditional risk assessment methods often lack

real-time data and predictive capabilities.

Fleet accidents increase the costs for both insurers and fleet operators.

Rising FNOL, reserve calculation and underwriting process lead to actuarial challenges in risk pricing and premium calculations.

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The Solution:

Our AI-powered accident prevention system equips fleets with real-time insights and proactive interventions, thus significantly improving your underwriting process.

VuDrive offers a comprehensive solution:

  • Real-time driver monitoring: In-cabin camera detects risky behavior like drowsiness, distraction, and harsh braking.
  • Collision avoidance assistance: Advanced algorithms predict potential hazards and issue timely alerts to prevent accidents.
  • Data-driven insights: Detailed reports identify individual driver performance and fleet risk areas, enabling targeted training and proactive risk mitigation.

Benefits for Insurer & Reinsurer

Enhancing Underwriting with Precision

Our AI system uses real-time data to precisely assess fleet risk, enabling accurate underwriting and risk-based pricing by insurers and actuaries.

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Precision in Fleet Insurance Pricing

Our system speeds up claims processing with detailed data analysis, providing evidence for exoneration in disputes, preventing fraud, and ensuring fair liability assessments.

Dramatic Improvements in Loss Ratio

VuDrive cuts fleet accidents, boosting your insurance portfolio by reducing the loss ratio.

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Streamlined Claims Process & Exoneration

Detailed data from our system speeds up claims processing and potentially exonerates drivers, reducing costs and fraud.

FNOL & FNOR Redefined

Our AI streamlines FNOL/FNOR enables faster response and potentially lower claims costs.

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Assured Value, Assured Safety

Our AI boosts fleet safety, leading to better loss ratios, pricing, and claims. This allows for potentially higher coverage at the same or lower cost, benefiting everyone.

 Drive Smarter, Drive Safer

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Optimize driver performance through real-time feedback and tailored training modules.

data analytics


Harness the power of AI to predict risks, optimize routes, and prevent accidents with VuDrive's data-driven analysis. 

Save costs

Lower Insurance Costs

Reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating safer driving practices and lowering risk profiles through its comprehensive data analysis.

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